Chinese wind generator

Hi! Welcome to my website, here you can see my diy wind generator project and knowledge how to make own with low investment.

This build is 1kw wind generator with 1kw eBay alternator and 84 inchs diameter wood blades. It is 3 blades style and it is good for medium to high wind conditions. If you are in low wind area i succest to make 5 or more blades wich makes it more torgue in low rpm (but it cant spin fast). Building own controller is higly recommended. This type controller is functional and cheap also it can deal with eny amount of current so its good for all 12 voltage wind generators. By just paying the wind generator and do the rest yourself it will pay itself back about in a year if wind conditions are good! And after that point it is free energy.

Remember that the tower where generator “sits” it is important to make it tall. On the ground level wind generator is almost useless. Getting it to 30 feet makes a world of difference. Little faster wind speed makes a lot of more watts output from it.

Carving the blades from wood may sound like a lot of work, but actually it taked only 3 hourn of work from me. And i am only very amateur woodworker. So it isnt that big deal and its lots of fun.

When you get your DIY wind generator complete and it producess free and clean energy to you, it is a great feeling! Good luck!