Beautiful, ugly, handsome, pretty, sexy and much more are the basic and important things people give high preference to in their life. These factors give confidence on themselves for some and for some of them, their looks might make them feel inferior. So no matter what, people and also others give their first preference to looks. There’s this quote saying-“the first impression is the best impression”. So this first impression will always be based on the looks of a person whether it’s an interview or first meet or anything. People with excess fat or body and not so fair or people who don’t like themselves always ask a question to themselves and i.e., Am I Ugly. In the whole world, about 80 per cent of people give importance for their looks.

Am I Ugly

People who are satisfied with their looks feel confident in whatever work they do or where ever they go. No matter what people blabber about them at their back whether it is good or bad they don’t care and keep going in their own way. This makes others stop talking bad about them and so sometimes they will surely realize their mistake. But people who don’t like themselves or who isn’t happy with their looks or themselves will always feel inferior no matter what they have. Even if they carry most expensive goods or gadgets with them, all those don’t bring them confidence and their only emotion will be unhappy and lack of confidence. Am I Ugly is the question which makes them feel less compared to others. People who think about their qualities and themselves as best can always enhance their physical beauty. The perception of character and physical structure is always different from one person to other based on their character and way of thinking.

Fear of looks:-

  • There are people who have some phobia based on their looks and personality. That phobia is known as cacophobe. This phobia means he or she has the fear of what they look like and how they behave with others personally and also in public places.
  • There are many people who suffer from this phobia especially those who have inferior complexity about themselves.

People can help them to get out this phobia by giving them the assurance about their looks and also their own personality by praising them or by letting meet many people outside their circle.