The door for your patio can change the look of your garden and for that you have to choose the finest design. The fact is that generally love to have the door with glass so that they can get sufficient light and also it will look attractive to have such doors for the patio. Peeking through the glass of the patio door in the morning will brighten the day and you will get many thoughts running in the mind. The light that comes through the patio door will brighten the room or the house and change your mood. Some people tend to use the door for their patio without glass so that they maintain darkness in the room but it is up to the interest of the person. Many people use to choose the French door as they get attracted to it and hence it has been the most used doors in various places.


Gartentüren is liked by all the people commonly as they are fascinated about the design and the look of the door that is used in the interior and exterior also. Some people consider it as garden door and they choose the appropriate and suitable model for the patio. The French door is best choice to consider though they seem to be expensive. It is not much expensive and most of the designs are affordable and the cost of the door varies as per the type and the model you choose. Though they seem to be expensive if you choose to use it then you will see that value will be added to the look of your home and it will make you to think that you have not spent much for the added value.


Hinged exterior French door:

This model is called as dual sided doors because it can be opened from either side; that is you can open in and open out as you like it. Most of the people choose to use decorative wood or decorative metal model and there some models with glass in the hinged door. If you choose the hinged door with metal or vinyl material without glass then the maintenance will be very low.

Pocket exterior French doors:

These types of French doors are used where there is less space for opening especially for swinging. The doors will slide to the wall and hence there is no need for space and if you use this for patio, the door will occupy very less space in the patio side.