In the real estate world the well known name that is Martin Sumichrast is known to everyone that are in the real estate that are may be the investors or the sellers. He is the popular person that is the banker in Charlotte NC. Not only is this but he also the chairman of board of directors. He is having his firm that is named Siskey Capital LLC. Talking about his firm then let me tell you that it is a firm that is a private merchant bank that invests its own funds through its own series of investment funds tailored toward assisting different businesses achieves growth.


Beside his professional career he is very good man that also provides the coaching to the local high school sports team and also provides the guide to the younger and that are new investors. He is also giving time to the various charity organizations in his community. He is a great man that enjoys working and mentoring young professional entrepreneurs and also sees himself in some of those people working hard to foster and build on an idea and never give up.

He is the person that has financial success second on his mind and follows his passion first in building a company with satisfied customers are those individuals that really make a difference in the society and the economy in the long run. He is very good experienced and also very talented person that is able to guide the new investor of the person and make him satisfied that how the company y is build and what are the main things that person need to know to gain and well developed business. He is also the Executive Director of the Jadeveon Clowney Help-In-Time Foundation. This is the non Рprofit charity that helps and provides the aids to the children that have their parents imprisoned. Jadeveon Clowney who is the founder of the Help in time foundation is a close family friend of Martin and Martin Sumichrast has been an adviser.

Martin is the person that is very simple and also have the family in which his wife and two children that are living in NC. He is the person that always love to give time to his family and according the schedule he has kept the schedule for the family also as he says that I n his point of view the proper schedule make the person to be the most intelligent and can fulfill his dream.