Flores Beach and Why It Should be Your Next Travel Destination

When you have started feeling wary and tired of the regularity of life, going to a flores beach might be a good idea for a getaway. Flores is an island in Indonesia, a country that you perhaps are familiar with thanks to the island of Bali. Aside from that Island of God the country is renowned for worldwide, you can explore more as the archipelago offers more than just Bali or pretty much everything on Java Island. Flores is located further east of Bali Island and past the Lombok Island. Tourism in this island is thriving; the government has come to realize the potential buried within the island so promotion is being pushed recently to introduce Flores to the kind of exposure Bali Island has enjoyed for so many years. Have you ever heard of Komodo dragons? The living fossils are indigenous creatures that live only on an island close to Flores Island. But you are not to be treated solely to enjoying seeing reptiles creeping up a savannah. Beaches of Flores are sure not to be missed out. Sure, you can argue that beaches are not that big of a deal to feel hyped about. You may even think that if it is a beach then why bother going all the way far from Bali if the Island of God alone is already rich in fantastic beaches.

However, what sets a flores beachindonesia apart from that which you find on Bali is the fact that Flores beaches are pretty much untouched. Yes, there are resorts being built on and around those beaches recently but other than that, the beaches offer you the kind of atmosphere that conjures an image of pristine, secluded, white-sand beaches with their transparent seawater, either turquoise or aquamarine in color. Bali beaches are modern; even the most secluded one is not at all that far away from urban living setting. In Flores, it is possible for you to enjoy a trip to a beach and take in the natural environment that allows you to feel as if you are going on a wild adventure. Flores Island itself is a place made up by several elements that with their own contrasts add texture to the environment: a savannah, pristine beaches, indigenous animals, everything plays into making your trip an exceptional retreat from the dizzying buzz of a busy metropolitan and the urban scenes within it.

Speaking of flores beach resort indonesia, the best ones are located around Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is an area in Flores that functions mainly as sort of a hub that connects you with the best beaches and islands (including the famous Komodo Island). It is sort of the go-to landing site for many tourists who wish to start their Flores adventure with exploring beaches. With varying rates, you can have more than enough options to choose from:

  1. Luwansa Beach Resort
  2. Plataran Beach Resort
  3. Scuba Junkie Komodo Beach Resort
  4. Sylvia Resort Komodo
  5. Seraya Hotel and Resort
  6. Komodo Resort
  7. Eden Beach Resort
  8. Angel Island Resort
  9. Kanawa Island Resort
  10. Coconut Beach Resort