Temple run gained popularity as soon as android OS increased the sales of smart phones. The app was there in iOS as well, but it has since reached more and more people thanks to Android OS. Even after all this, there are still many out there who were not able to get their hands on this app as it required a smartphone. However, developers want users to experience these apps to the fullest which is why Temple Run for PC has been brought up.

There have been tons of new games out there but games like Temple Run are still on the top of the charts. This is because of the simple controls and various features it offers to the players. For the ones who are not familiar with it, Temple Run is an infinite running game where users control one of the many characters through an endless maze while avoiding various obstacles. Players also keep running from the angry apes following them continuously. To help players on the way, there are many upgrades as well as coins lying on the temple road for powering up.


All this makes the game very fun to play. Even the controls comprising of tilting and swiping which become harder as the game progresses. The key is to create an unbeatable score during the whole process. All such features have made this game popular not only among kids but also among adults. This offers the flexibility of controlling a character as per your choice through the roads and mazes which tests the responsiveness of the player.

Temple Run now in your PC:

Temple Run for PC comes with the same features as seen in smart phones. This new PC version will enable users to play the game without a portable device. So, what benefit does it have? You might have a young child whom you are still not willing to lend a phone. For such kids, the PC version would be a preferred one to play around. Moreover, the large display of a PC monitor will also be much more approachable than a small mobile phone screen. Temple Run has been one of the best used apps till date which is why it is significant to have it available for more and more systems. Feel free to download one of such apps from the online website. Not to mention, totally free of cost!