When it comes to sports, performance enhancing substances has been widely used right from the ancient Greeks, Mayas to till date. The Greeks were used performance potions in order to boost their abilities, whereas Mayas had tried cocoa leaves for increasing their abilities. But at present, athletes go to several heights to improve their athletic abilities by means of using anabolic steroids, human growth hormones, amphetamines, creatine, steroid precursors and so on. Anabolic steroids are none other than the synthetic versions of male sex hormone, testosterone. It can be commonly used by regular gym rats and body builders for building muscle mass and increasing strength.


These drugs would have the capability of increasing muscle size, mass and function since it mimics the effects of male sex hormone in your body. Anabolic steroid usage is associated with permanent and dramatic increase in the production level of endogenous testosterone and protein synthesis. As an outcome, increase in the strength and lean body mass at the time of training. Abuse or overdosing of anabolic steroids could lead to hair loss, acne, liver or kidney dysfunction, increased complication of heart disease, impotence and hypertension. Steroids usage can be observed by a number of signs as well as symptoms like development of upper body, increased acne, enlarged breasts in males, facial hair in females, rapid weight gain, noticeable muscle growth and finally, emotional, psychological and behavioral changes. To become familiar with the adverse effects relating to anabolic steroids, Read more at Steroidly.com

The abuse of anabolic steroids may lead to some potential ill effects including reduced sperm production, uncontrolled aggressive behavior, enlarged clitoris, irritability, mood wings, problems in sleeping, poor judgment and depression. Such abuse may further result in liver abnormalities, increase in bad cholesterol, blood clotting, decrease in good cholesterol and possible drug dependence. It is also important to get notice of that increase in the concentration of testosterone lead to lowered voice pitch, general virilization and decreased fat accumulation in abdomen. There are lots of websites over the internet who sells steroids as it is a business as similar to others. Amongst them, some may be found to be good while others not. So, if you buy steroids from a reliable supplier, then you will get some amazing results and life changing effects. Reading reviews will help you know more information regarding the steroids. Thus, Read more at Steroidly.com.