Carrageenans are usually large and highly flexible molecules that curl forming structures. This offers them the capability to form a different variety at room temperature. This simply means that they are extremely hassle-free to pump, however stiffen again afterwards. Almost all the Carrageenans are polysaccharides with a higher molecular weight made out of repeating galactose units.  The main difference, which influences the properties of Lambda, Iota and Kappa carrageenan, are number as well as position of ester sulfate group present over the repeating galactose units. In case that you make use of carrageenan in food products, then it boasts the additive E-number E407a or E407.

In general, most of the people may rise “is carrageenan safe? With features like excellent eater keeping, high transparency and good dispersion in brine, the injection type carrageenan seems to be reasonable in prize and commonly applied in the marketplace. In the United States, carrageenan has been used by the food factory successfully right from 1930. Because of increasing demand amongst the consumers to get convenience, advancements in food processing and certain new food substances and appealing food textures, carrageenan boasts a well combination with starch, protein and several other accessories. With an effective outcome of increasing taste and elasticity in addition to excellent water keeping, it suits for the need of sausage and emulsification. While utilizing as a gelling agent in water, carrageenan gives a wide range of textures right from elastic to fragile and from weak to firm.  The addition of several ions or else locust bean gum could be utilized to alter the texture.



Whether it is carrageenan safe to use in food additives? Yes, carrageenan will work as a stabilizer, emulsifier and thickener to keep mixed compounds out of separating. Since, it will give an accentuate flavor and smooth texture to the foods. More often, it is employed in diary-based foods such as ice cream, cottage cheese, yogurt as it reacts effectively with milk proteins. Also, carrageenan is found in pie filling, jelly, salad dressing, chocolate and of course as a fat alternative in the processed meat. Since, it is obtained from the algae, it could be employed as an alternative to gelatin for vegan and vegetarian products. Carrageenan is also included in other non-food items such as air freshener gels, personal lubricants and toothpaste. It will serve the similar function like it does in food materials, to stabilize and thicken the products and further, make it smoother.