Body, is the subject that holds us and that include both our physique and the organs which associate with each other to perform different functions. This body is made up of cells and tissues as well like every other organ. This is made up of muscles and blood cells as well which need to be nourished for a proper growth and maintainace with the lady when they rimanere incinta  .

Nutrition is the factor that is responsible for the body buildup and maintenance right from the day a child is born till he/she achieves the old age. Whenever we think of a child after birth, we always plan a diet chart that include a lots of vitamins, proteins and other nutrients in a proper amount which is in need to help the child grow mentally and physically. We today are so busy in our life that we are not aware of proper food and diet that is needed for our health and we eat whatever we can, even it is seen that girls who are teen need to take a lot of vegetables and fruits for their health and they avoid eating that and hang on with junk foods. That causes a lot of hormonal issues in later time.

Various nutritional components:-

There are a variety of nutritional components like the vitamins, fibres, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids and proteins that are required by the would be mother in a required amount at a particular time or trimester and depending on the health conditions. But people do not understand its importance and eat whatever they can for a long time and then start dieting which is not exactly the solution for losing weight and rimanere incinta.


Significance of supplementary component:-

When we see that we are not taking the required amount of diet or any old age people is not able to digest the food properly, we recommend a supplementary product that are available in the market for them, and even during the pre pregnancy and post pregnancy period, women need certain supplement nutrition for their and the infant health, this can be satisfied with the supplementary products. These supplements are replaced by the food components but they are prescribed only when they are needed as they are a simplified method of taking the food with an adequate amount of nutrition. This kind of nutritional deficiency can be fulfilled by these supplementary products that are available in the market at a reasonable rate

These dietary supplement contain more than one dietary ingredients like the vitamins, mineral, herbal supplement and different amino acids that are necessary for the would be mother. These are to be taken through the buccal cavity and are in the form of tablets, capsules, powder, soft gel, gel caps or in the form of liquids and are proved to be beneficial for health. They can be consumed mixed with milk or with Luke warm water for better results.