Visualization systems creates feel of reality with the application. It gives real experience which change way of exploring. While concerning its benefits, it will deliver three as main benefits.

  • Deep perception is possible through 3D visualization
  • Tracking is easier
  • Immersion becomes possible

What Is Rendering And Role of Vrender in Visualization:

Under 3D graphic design, rendering is defined as the process of adding shading, coloring and lamination to 3 D wire frame in order to create life like images on screen. Rendering may be done ahead of time. Real time rendering is often used for 3 D video games. It requires higher level of interaction with player. Pre rendering is CPU intensive, but it is also having role in creating realistic images. Vrender Company is expected to deliver best performance under 3 d Visualization.

On Any Surfaces:

  • It will compatible with any surfaces in terms of size or shape
  • It projects both front and end
  • It works on any shaped surfaces such as spherical or conic or flats screen
  • It will even compatible with small screens to large scale dome configurations

Kinds of Displays Under 3D Visualization:

  • Vrender Cave:

It is a customized and room size visualization solution. It will allow many users to share in same experience simultaneously. It enhances team work, discovery and decision making.

  • Vrender Curved Immersive Displays:

Through 3D visualization, any kinds of displays in terms of shapes are possible. It will even give rise to spherical or cylindrical/ front or rear projection.


  • Power Fall Displays:

It will provide integrated visualization displays which use powerful projection at 120 Hz.

Integrated solution in addition to single projector is also possible with 3 D Visualization.

Integrated Solutions:

Vrender Company provides best and sustainable systems. Optimized performance is possible based on Vrender mirage series.


  • It delivers highest speed at 120 Hz performance
  • VRender is leading technology which provides high resolution. It also gives rise chances to stereoscopic projection with Xenon feature.
  • It provides refresh rates at 120 Hz.
  • It offers motion tracking and interaction capabilities

VRender Services:

If you hire VRender solution to enjoy 3D visualization, you will be benefitted with their experts. They will use their comprehensive services to design, integrate and install 3D visualization solution. They are always backed by technical support. Their service includes next day parts delivery, repair and replacement, 24 hours remote display monitoring, reporting, software upgrades and trouble shooting.