Blue Coat is the leading web security solution provider for governments and global enterprises. This mission is to prevent enterprises and users from Cyber threats, it may be on the web, network, mobile or in the cloud. With the help of Blue Coat Security factor, Blue Coat unites every three and niche to get maximum protection for the complete computing environment. Several Blue Coat products mainly focusing on threat analysis, attack detection, network and analytics defense. It also used to give business oriented solutions like Caching management, system administration tools and Data Loss prevention. Blue Coat Security factor can assist the user to manage the difficulties of various massive shifts held in the computing landscape, that stand to earn unprecedented value & equally challenging problems at a same time. Computer Security Sector fully prevented with the help of Blue Coat Systems.

Aspects of security, Network and Cloud:

Blue Coat security factors providing security platform to nearly 15000 companies worldwide. Blue Coat plays a vital role to secure the data in any forms.

Evolving Networks: Encrypted traffic in everywhere, making the blind spots for a security control and traditional perimeter providing as 4G/5G, cloud service and Wi-Fi to new work patterns. These things will be helpful for the strictly defined organization networks.

Endpoint Revolution: Desktops and Laptops is the dominant computing factor that made the endpoint terms easier in order to prevent. Not much with new generation devices such as tablets to thermostats, smartphones, cars and some other things attached to the internet, in which many cannot maintain and install traditional endpoint controls.


Migration to Cloud: Complex information was traditionally safeguarded carefully to make sure that, it will never leave the high secure corporate boundaries. Now, people living in the world of hybrid cloud, private and public infrastructure. With people accessing, the combination of cloud based application and service, which require data protection across the multiple premises.

Why Symantec company buying Blue Coat?

Protection from Threats: Symantec Company requires better guard clients from several latest attack types. Blue coat system facebook, giving cloud based and networking security software, to build in PC, email & data center products that Symantec has already. Nowadays, threats like ransomware are affecting the businesses and many antivirus products cannot prevent this virus.

More threats detected: Symantec has focused on endpoint security because Blue Coat offering efficient in a networking side, which includes managing encrypted traffic. This organization said that, it can provide the whole product range, promising overall security along with threat detection. The clients collecting huge amount of data in the latest threats and this company,