When you see your teenager texting the whole day, you want to know about who is at the other end without visibly interfering. When your business data gets leaked, and you don’t know how, you want to keep an eye on all your employee activities. That’s what the programaespia android does for you.

Android spy program will help record and see text messages; call information; give you GPS coordinates and access to many more similar monitoring and tracking features. Programa espia android collects information from the monitored device and sends it to your control panel. You can access this control panel from a browser anywhere in the world.

Android spy program or mSpy is for smart phones which meet the following requirements –

  • Monitored device should have Android 4+ with and without root.
  • Monitored device must be connected to internet, ideally with Wi-Fi
  • mSpy has to be installed physically on the monitored device
  • To monitor instant messaging, the Android phone must be with root.

Features of the android spy program

  • Monitoring communication applications such as Snapchat; Skype; and other social messaging services.
  • Tracking current location via GPS.
  • All incoming and outgoing SMS including retrieval of deleted messages; Hangouts.
  • Monitoring voice calls & check contact lists. You can block unwanted users.
  • View all inbound and outbound mails.
  • Monitoring internet usage. You can view browsing history of sites visited from mobile, bookmarked sites, block unwanted sites, and use keyword alerts.
  • You can view the activities calendar, delete data, and other activities.
  • Monitored devices can be monitored anywhere in the world, provided they have internet access.
  • Updates can be set up by you at required intervals via a control panel.
  • A control panel is created once you purchase the software.


Legal usage

You can use the mSpy program for legal purposes only. mSpy has been designed to monitor a child’s activities and increase employee productivity. When you install this software, you must sign a disclaimer that you intend to use it for legal purposes only. You have to seek consent of the person being monitored before installing it on the monitoring device. Further, you must have physical access to the device to be able to install it and make it work.

You can use mSpy to

  1. Monitor activities of your children
  2. Monitor employee activities where employees have accepted surveillance
  3. Monitor your own device

mSpy does not provide legal consultation or agreements. Any legal considerations are your own responsibility.