Smartphone Device Can Transform a House into A Smart Home – Experience A Worthy Change in Life

Mid nineties gave ‘The Internet’ that revolutionized and created a digital world. Now, ‘IoT’ [Internet of Things] has become the present key trend, which is creating a digital revolution. Smartphone users are escalating each day, which has caused a huge boost to app development.

A small hand-held but smart MI phones allow you to stay connected by texting or calling, get projects done by managing employees, do online shopping, stay fit by monitoring our moves, create me moments, and more such things with an app. Apps have turned to be an assistant because they can breathe a new life even in an outdated Smartphone. A

Actually, mobile technology gets developed rapidly, so the Smartphone bought a couple of months ago goes out of fashion. However, it is a small computer holding advanced sensor technology, so rather than reselling or throwing it, why not re-utilize it?

Incredible iOS and Android apps are available, which can transform a Smartphone into functional and worthy smart home fixture. Smart home technology is still in its infancy but is showing a good progress. It is obvious that ubiquity of Smartphone will certainly revolutionize smart home sector in future.

Some ways to use Smartphone and create a smart home

Smart Home Security

Home security is a topic for concern, especially for those who travel a lot. Motion surveillance cameras are better and adding specific apps that detect motion and alert the homeowner travelling in a foreign country or on a vacation. You get real-time footage of the home scenario on your Smartphone.

With smart key technology there is no need to get concerned about keys getting lost or stolen or paying high charges to the locksmith for emergency services. In addition, you even get alerts about any foul play.

The worry of giving neighbours key to front door for feeding dogs, when you go travelling gets eliminated. Give them digital keys. The door opens only for the designated time period and locks as soon as time expires.

Smart appliances

Home appliances are swiftly getting smarter. They are equipped with very powerful computer chips within their stainless steel or plastic bodies and can communicate with each other and even Smartphone through Wi-Fi.

Home automation tech even reveals your energy usage on the electronics, so you get an idea of which appliance costs more each month. You can thus create ways to cut down energy consumption.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostat tech helps to control your LG air conditioner from anywhere. You can change temperature of the house from your Smartphone from your car. Entering your home with the right temperature will make you feel comfy. You will actually save plenty on utility bills with proper scheduling and programming of temperature changes, when you leave and return home.

Smart car

People living in cooler climates can enjoy starting their cars remotely and turning the heater ON.

Smartphone’s have changed the way of life, from socialising and dating to catching news, researching, entertainment, and a lot more. You can take care of pet feeds and even watering schedules of plants using the sensor technology.