We all are aware of the fact that social media is no more a place for mere friendship; one also uses this to get higher mileage with anything creative, commercial or otherwise. Thus, film makers and artists take the video route to post on YouTube and get mileage from them to generate higher business volume.

Can promo videos be really helpful?

The success of promo videos depend largely upon not the quality but the volume of publicity that it gets. We have witnessed many an occasion where a video of inferior quality has got more publicity and viewership than a top quality one. It all thus boils down to the numbers- the times the videos have been liked, shared and viewed.

Online fraternity goes a lot by fad even today, and these are only maturing days for the community. The people trying to benefit from promo videos try to work on this fad, and maximise the advantages.

An easy example is the number of likes- the internet users often have a tendency to ‘like’ a content that has been already liked by 100-odd people, irrespective of its quality and relevance. The same happens with the number of views- people tend to search for videos that have gone viral than look for better quality videos of more relevance.

It is thus all about how you benefit from the fad or craze around a viral video online!


Professional experts to ensure ‘viral’ tag

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