The internet security system is the one that differs from the antivirus as well as it acts as the protection for many programs to shield individuals from the virus along with the net related hazards. Hence, to overcome those issues, here is the solution, “Blue coat security system” is a California based security solution provider and this company gone via many acquisitions, recently it’s being come into by Symantec Corporation.  This Blue coat company mainly specializes in security product which detects and protect from attacks. The Blue coat system provides a range of products which can be used in the security sector of computer and most Blue Coat products mainly focused on threat analysis, attack detection, network defense and analytics. For consumer sector Blue Coat security systems was developed some software application such as web filters, freeware parental control and several web protection.

What is special in Blue Coat security system?

  • Advanced Security Architecture: Blue Coat provides the most advanced and flexible architecture. A flexible architecture comprises of a content analysis system, Blue coat allows administrators to select, pick the technologies whatever they need. The content analysis provides edge security solutions consist of static code analysis, dual anti malware engines and white listing.
  • Negative day defense: Blue coat labs report that 2/3 of new attacks are originated from the malnets. The best way to protect from attacks from malnets is to be negative day defense blue coat which is the robust and distinctive approach for security purposes and to block the malicious attacks prior they launch.
  • Speed range: Most security solutions will be very less in speed and typically lack the support in hardware in terms of decryption. Blue Coat security system provide great support and speed in order to prevent from any attacks. Secure web gateway in Blue coat provides URL rating within 8msec.


  • Web and application control: Mobile web, granular web, native application controls will make it very easy to maintain particular internet activities but it won’t block the entire applications or websites. Blue Coat Systems, web policy allow IT to make granular policies in order to prevent misuse by some other capabilities which are available in these applications.
  • Multidimensional categories: Traditional URL filtering makes the assumption that a URL can be created by single category like entertainment, sports and social networking. For more accurate ratings of URL, Blue Coat systems support multidimensional categories and this approach gives the highest level of accuracy to prevent users from any attacks of malicious content.